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On behalf of the City and Municipality of Białobrzegi, on behalf of myself and, above all, on behalf of the residents of Białobrzegi, I warmly welcome all dancers, dear guests, partners and sponsors at the International Dance Organization World Dance Championships (IDO), 19-21.10 .2018r in Białobrzegi.
I am very pleased that a magnificent artistic and sporting spectacle will take place in our town. Especially since it is for the first time granted and organized in Poland. I would like to thank the members of the International Dance Organization Board (IDO) and the Polish Dance Federation and its President, Piotr Patłaszyński, for their efforts to organize the World Championships in Białobrzegi.
We will do everything to make the stay of all participants and guests an unforgettable experience for many years. I wish the dancers "break the heels" and the organizers positive energy in the implementation of the Championship program.
We treat the date 19-21.10.2018. not only as an artistic and sporting event but also as a Dance Festival in our friendly city.

Welcome to Białobrzegi and I wish you good luck

Adam Bolek

Mayor of the City and Commune of Białobrzegi


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